About us

Abeteks Baltic OÜ established

A wholesaler and retailer of Tyres and Batteries.

Since 2001, Abeteks Baltic OÜ has been

official representative of ZAP SZNAJDER BATTERIES battery factory in Estonia.

The car repair shop is engaged in the diagnosis and repair of cars and buses. The aim of Abeteks Baltic OÜ is to provide our customers with quality goods and services.

Our mission

Bringing benefits to society through continuous business improvement and professional development of every employee.

Customer-friendly is always at the heart of our interests, helping you, achieving harmony and prosperity around us. Combining our efforts and our commitment to common goals.

Recognizing the qualities of each team member, observing justice and honesty in business and in their personal lives, we can move towards our goals.

The aim is to create a safe working environment and economical use of natural resources.

Our team performs its tasks with minimal impact on the environment, saving nature for future generations.

Abeteks Baltic OÜ

Reg.nr 10680875

Estonia, Tallinn, Kangru 8, 10312
E-R 9:00 - 18:00
L, P suletud

Tel   +372 5816 4000

E-mail: info@abeteks.ee