For batteries up to 100 Ah, a 24-month warranty and a 12-month warranty on car batteries or batteries exceed 100 Ah.

The Moto battery comes with a 6-month warranty.

Individuals have the right to file complaints about the quality of the battery within 24 months from the date of the transaction of purchase and sale, which has to do with the purchase of the purchase (an extract from the bank, an extract from the bank).

Warranties apply when all batteries destined for this vehicle are sent simultaneously.

The warranty covers only defects caused by inadequate materials or precautionary measures in the manufacture.

The guarantee does not apply if:

• The battery was used or continued to ignore the user's manual;

• The electrical system of the vehicle does not work properly or does not meet the requirements:

1. The current exceeds 0.01 A after a power failure;

2. The charging voltage is less than 13.9 V or more than 14.6 V; For 6 V systems, less than 6.9 V or more than 7.3 V; 24V - less than 27.6 V or more than 29.2 V;

• A vehicle that has not been used has been left with the alarm system for more than 2 weeks (the alarm will clear the battery for 5-10 days);

• The battery was used without a charger or a DC generator;

• Battery body or other elements are damaged or otherwise damaged by mechanical means;

• The vehicle's battery is not taken into account by the manufacturer's user's manual;

• The warranty does not apply to frozen batteries (the battery can be frozen at -10 ° C);

• The warranty does not apply to fully discharged batteries when the voltage is less than 10.5 V, and the density of the electrolyte is less than 1.10 kg / l;

• One 12 V battery is purchased for a car with a 24 V power system or one 6 V battery for a 12 V system;

• The electrolyte level in the battery compartments should be 10 mm higher than the battery cells, but not more than 15 mm.

• All kinds of substances were poured into the battery, v. distilled water;

• exploded batteries (explosion due to an external spark or fire);

• A protected battery is used;

• The battery is worn due to intensive or inadequate operation and maintenance (characteristics: active mass of decomposed tiles, black or brown electrolyte);

• Tin sulphate is obtained because of old empty deposits (features: white crystals on batteries);

• Due to excessive charge voltage, the electrolyte has become brown or evaporated;

• Use of audio, video, communication, freight elevators or other accessories not mounted on the car manufacturer (the warranty is valid only if there is a written accessory for the manufacturer and confirmation of the assembler that all necessary changes have been made to the vehicle, for example, a more powerful generator, an electrical installation, additional relays, etc., are installed, and indicate what type and characteristics of the battery are necessary for the reliable operation of such a device).

In case of complaint, the vehicle with a defective battery must be brought to a technical inspection of the electrical equipment. In the event that it is impossible to determine the causes of unsatisfactory battery performance, the battery seller is allowed 14 calendar days to identify the malfunction and a written application. The seller is not required to provide another battery for temporary use. The battery under warranty is replaced by another battery of the same or similar type, which depends on the remaining unused warranty period.

As for car manufacturers, repair shops, shops and other agencies not related to the sale of this battery, the conclusions of the battery manufacturer do not apply to the battery, and there is no reason to replace the battery with a new battery.

During the warranty period of the maintenance and inspection work, the batteries will be sold free of charge only after the production line is confirmed and the battery is replaced, in other cases the buyer will pay for the services in accordance with the current service price list. The buyer pays for the warranty service of batteries and vehicles.

If the buyer caused material damage due to a defective battery (for example, delay in the airplane, delivery of the vehicle to the repair site, emergency order, delay in delivery), the seller does not bear any responsibility.

After the battery failure and the detection of faults due to customer malfunction, ignoring the instructions of the battery and the car, the warranty is terminated.

After receiving the warranty service, the buyer will sell the battery for free within 1 week. After that, a fee of EUR 0.30 per day will be charged. If the battery does not charge for 30 days, the battery will be recycled.

In case of any claims, a warranty cart and a purchase document must be provided (receipt, invoice, check). If a valid warranty certificate is not provided, the warranty service will not be executed and the claim will not be accepted.